IMG_8858Remember the last four winters?

Mild temperatures, hardly any snowfall, freeing drizzle forecasts that fizzled?

Kinda hard to look back, based on what we’ve had so far this winter.

in a way, it has been nice to actually have a winter. Most of my kids never had enough snow to build a snowman or have an extended snowball fight until November — and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

But truth be told, nothing kills the feel-good winter spirit like ice. Freezing drizzle, freezing rain or any sort of nasty wintry mix… doesn’t matter. And we’ve had a lot of icing over the last week or so. As a result, a lot of us — myself included — are mentally ready for winter to go away.

Wintry weather keeps us on our toes at KVOE to a different level than severe spring weather, simply because wintry weather lasts longer and affects more people when it does develop — as you can tell by the length of schedule adjustments that hit whenever snow or ice are imminent. And, unfortunately, at least in the short term, it looks like we could have a few more wintry episodes over the next week or so.

I’m curious to see how our active winter translates to the spring severe weather season. When I was growing up, it always seemed a busy winter led to an active spring. Overall, we haven’t had active springs, based on the numbers, for several years, although folks in Eureka would probably beg to differ after two tornadoes in a couple years.

All I know is that in our house, the kids are waiting for a dry yard and warmer temperatures. And baseball.

So are the parents.