IMG-4561As a parent, you see some interesting moments in your children — and sometimes you hear about others.

As I write this, I’m watching one of our children try to kill her first spider. The effort is not going well…and now she thinks the spider is coming for her. It’s not.

Recently, Ginny sent me a text about the kids and a more, well, stinky situation. Apparently the youngest two have developed a tendency to fill their pull-ups overnight…take off said underwear…and try their artistic hands with a brand-new medium. Given the consistency of said lumps, and the similar end result to the chalk outside, it was only natural to call the kids’ handiwork “poopchalking.”

Thankfully that’s over for now, but among the soiled sheets and the abundance of Clorox wipes and the burgeoning laundry pile is a story of kids exploring and growing. I think.

I’ll try to remember that approach the next time the minivan is a symphony of screams.

And the spider’s back. It’s not exactly the itsy-bitsy spider. This time it’s Dad’s turn to handle things.