For at least the last couple years, I haven’t changed the look of my blog.

I also haven’t written nearly as much as I once did. Life has squeezed out time for some of the personal things I enjoy most, like writing and music, but it has also filled much of that space with some of the most rewarding family experiences anyone could hope to have.

I’m not about to say I’ll have time to pound out a blog post a day (a month, maybe) or that I’ll be able to jam an hour a day like I used to do, but at least it’s time for a new format for the blog. New color scheme, new header photo, new look altogether. As you can tell, the Baskerville layout is a spinoff of a format now in vogue for about the past year. Nobody ever accused me of being with the times when it comes to style or fashion…

This is still in tweak mode, so give me your thoughts and comments on what’s good, what’s bad, what’s ugly and how this can improve when I do find time to write. Yes, that means you can also comment on the content if you feel the need.

Now it’s time for lunch and at least temporary relief of my constantly sleep-deprived status. CPAP, here I come.