brady goodhair

Well, well, well. Raise your hand, NFL fans, if you’re surprised Commissioner Roger Goodell is personally hearing the DBS appeal of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

DBS, if you hadn’t heard, stands for Deflated Balls Syndrome, Everything has a syndrome these days, but that’s another topic for another post.

Anyways, Commissioner Goodhair is taking it upon himself to ensure fairness, judgment and decorum in the ongoing saga of hand size and pounds per square inch and the personal preference connection.


I’m trying to stop from laughing. And I can’t.

Last year, we saw just how fair and unbiased the Goodhair-led process could be when matters involving the NFL’s public perception were involved. As the Ray Rice case proved, the Goodell Protocol — consisting of inept or skewed investigation tactics and failure to consider all evidence — offered no fairness whatsoever.

I’m no Tom Brady fan, but how can he expect anything different?

There was a simple reason Brady asked for a neutral arbitrator. It’s because he can’t trust anything coming from Goodhair. Not the result and certainly not the process.

NFL owners decided against removing Goodhair after the Rice debacle swelled into a deeper conversation on domestic violence. This may be the latest incident of them regretting their lack of action.

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