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Well, the NFL came down hard on Tom Brady and the Patriot Way yesterday for DeflateGate.

Four game suspension. A seven-digit fine. Loss of draft picks. All because Brady allegedly conspired with some staffers to take some air out of footballs.

I personally don’t care about the entire situation, although it is funny to me to see the Patriots having to squirm the way they have been in professing innocence since the ruling was handed down from on high. And it will be very interesting to see Brady defend what he did (or didn’t do), especially because he’s apparently had chances to speak up and hasn’t done so.

The only thing I can think of is…why are we believing the NFL on this? The league (more specifically Commissioner Roger Goodhair) totally sullied itself on how it handled the domestic violence cases from last year. Completely, totally, thoroughly dropped the ball on that issue. And you’re telling me we automatically have to take the NFL’s verbiage as gospel simply because a former player is overseeing discipline?

Look. I understand it looks like Brady and the Pats cheated, even though there’s hardly any impact likely on the games Brady played. They may well have. But I have a hard time taking anything the NFL says at face value without looking for a salt mine in the zip code.