There are a lot of signs of spring in the Samples household. I get more interested in cloud-watching, and not just because one looks like a dragon and another looks surprisingly like a beer can. Royals baseball games help to put the girls to bed. The pinball effect of late-night activity after late-night activity revs up.

And we have BLTs. Lots of BLTs.

When KVOE General Manager Ron Thomas and I began hailing the Joys of Bacon over a decade ago, little did I know my entire family would become bacon addicts…or, more likely, turn the latent bacon addict loose. And there’s no better way to do that than by frying up a pound (in our case, two) of double-smoked sliced pork bellies, let the smell tease for about 20 minutes and then have at it.

I know there are a lot of thoughts on the finished product. We like it crispy but not burned, and to get to that point I like to load up five or six strips in the pan and turn them several times before what turns into a rolling shift change in the pan. This means the bacon can eventually swim in the grease pool and speed up the cooking process.

If everything works (meaning: I’m paying attention), we have golden-brown, crispy bacon for about half an hour and four happy people afterward.

That’s all I have tonight. Nothing major to share (that’s coming later this week). Just a snapshot of a family’s love of bacon.