Well, well, well. Look what’s happening in Louisville, Kentucky.

X-and-O master (or maybe that’s XOXOXOXO master) Bobby Petrino is back in the saddle again. He’s back.

He’s back after leading the Cardinals to a 41-9 record from 2003 to 2006.

He’s also back after all sorts of “flirtings” with other major Division I programs, an abject failure leading and leaving the Atlanta Falcons and the totally disgraceful exit from the University of Arkansas when he hired Jessica Dorrell as a student-athlete development coordinator to work underneath him. Take that statement however you want.


On the field, there is no doubt about Petrino’s coaching acumen. He turned Louisville from a place where basketball had long been the sport of choice into a national contender.

Off the field and in the office, however, Petrino leaves a toxic trail of (ahem) dalliances of varying levels and recruiting issues which would make most athletic directors sing Lynyrd Skynyrd (“Ooh That Smell”) for miles and run away.

Not Lousiville’s Tom Jurich. Even after seeing Petrino push hard for the Auburn position…with Tommy Tuberville still employed. Even after offering — and seeing Petrino accept — a $10 million contract extension to stay at the school evaporate in six months with Petrino’s move to the NFL. Even after admitting the cleanup from Petrino’s questionable recruiting methods were largely responsible for Petrino’s successor, Steve Kragthorpe, failing in the win-loss department.

Petrino comes back to Louisville after an 8-4 season at Western Kentucky. He comes back to the national spotlight still bloodied from his relationship with Dorrell and the resulting unseemly exit from Arkansas once it was discovered.

Whether he comes back as a coach willing to play by the rules off the gridiron is anybody’s guess, but it appears that’s not a prerequisite for the job at the University of Lousiville.

Arkansas vs LSU

Hey, at least Jurich and Cardinals fans know what to expect for those millions of dollars leading the football program. He’ll be glad to be wedded to you. He’ll provide for you. He’ll also make it pretty clear he’d rather be in bed with somebody else.