Nearly two years ago, we were blessed to pick up a young dog.

Bella needed a hypoallergenic pet, so we went with a miniature poodle. Holly is her name, and she’s crazy affectionate so she fits in well with us. She also has to be in the middle of everything, which again fits us well.

Where she has issues is taking care of business, if you will. Especially outside.

I honestly didn’t train her that much. She showed she could be plopped outside, take care of things and then run back. Now, though, she’s taking her sweet time to get her mission accomplished…and she’s not bothering to come back.

Hmm. Time for a change in approach, I do believe. The leash.

Holly loves to go out and walk, I reasoned. This should be a no-brainer.

And for the first few times, it was. Holly took care of business in short order and was ready to come inside.

Lately, though, it has taken a great deal more time for her to complete her task. I’ve taken to walking her some 10 minutes or more at a brisk trot before she is through. Great exercise for both of us. Not great for getting back to work.

Maybe I should just resign myself to the fact she will go when she has to. It might make it easier for both of us.