It’s been a while since I had much time (or motivation) to blog something, and guess what: I have several thoughts to go through. Beforehand, these collections were called “Various and Sundry.” I think the new title fits better.

So here goes. And, as usual, these are in no particular order.

Recent weather

First take:  How crazy has the last month been in the Midwest? We went from pool weather to swimming in floodwaters, with some people in Kansas receiving 10 to 18 inches of rain in under three weeks.

Second helping: What was amazing, even though we have been in the grips of one of the most severe droughts in our nation’s history here in the Flint Hills, was the amount of rain it took to get to serious flooding. Places around Olpe, Kan., received seven to nine inches of rain in under 24 hours — and in some cases half of it came in two hours or less. Yet flooding issues were hardly reported simply because the ground was so dry, the cracks in fields and ponds were so big, that it took at least half that initial rainfall to get ponds to a point where they could fill. It took over a foot of rain before serious problems really started manifesting in earnest.

What was also interesting was, well, let’s be honest. There was some dumb activity that happened in Emporia during the flooding, namely people swimming in the water. I’m sorry, but swimming in water the color and possible consistency of my caramel frappacino (yes, I do enjoy one from time to time) with specks of something definitely not chocolatey in nature simply has no appeal to me. That was before I found out, through talking with a health official, that there are pesticides, herbicides, other chemicals and — quite possibly — raw sewage — in that impromptu pool. No thanks.

Dessert: Not everybody is saying it — yet — but we’re headed back to drought, if the last two weeks are any indication. Nineties for highs since last week and no rain in the picture. What a grim joke this is.

Miley Cyrus


First take: What’s a twerk? Ohhhhhh. That’s what a twerk is.

Second helping (and in this case I hesitate to call it that): What the hell was that? And why? I know the MTV Video Music Awards are now where you go to shock people. It’s been that way for years. I remember my reaction when Britney Spears did her striptease deal in 2000, and it was pretty similar to my reaction when I saw Miley…was that really necessary? Of course not. And from a parent’s perspective, stuff like this just makes your blood boil. I’m anticipating my daughter will rebel. Good kids almost always do, and usually the better they are as kids the more serious the rebellion when they are teens and young adults. I get it. I’m getting ready for it. But if my daughter pulled that garbage, she would still catch hell from me, and it really wouldn’t matter if she was living at home or not. It may not do any good, but that’s just embarrassing for a parent to see. If it isn’t, you didn’t raise your kid right.

Dessert: Well, after the 2013 VMAs, nobody will accuse Miley Cyrus of being the good girl who wants to get a little nasty. No blurred lines about that performance. The good girl phase is long gone, with the bad girl liberated a while back as well. Hey Hey Hey. Enough already.

Kansas City Royals


First take: The season’s over. Thanks for giving us something to talk about leading up to football season.

Second helping: How maddening is it for fans to see this team face up to the Orioles and Tigers and Red Sox and Rays, holding their own at the very worst, and then leaving streaks against the Marlins and White Sox? Losing at home, no less?

Dessert: I’m assuming Ned Yost gets canned at the end of the season, and I’m hoping like mad Dayton Moore goes as well. Considering some of the stupid, go-back-on-your-word answers from the Royals field manager that have been routine this season, I’m hoping one reporter pipes up during the last week of the season with something like this: “Ned, when you answer our questions, do you just blow smoke out your butt and expect us to believe it?”


rush kc

First take: Man, am I bummed I missed the Clockwork Angels tour finale in Kansas City.

Second helpings:  Just what do rock legends do after a world tour is done?

Dessert: I still got a sweet tour shirt out of the deal, thanks to First Congregational Pastor Andrew McHenry. And if I could wave my magic wand…I’d set everybody free. And I’ll make it to their next tour.