The move may not look like much, but today’s trade bringing Chicago pitcher Scott Feldman to Baltimore at the expense of pitchers Jake Arrietta and Pedro Strop is a good indicator of where O’s management believes the team is and where is should end the year.

Feldman comes to the Orioles with an OK record (7-6) but close to a standout ERA (3.46) when you consider where his home park has been. He has also pitched well at Camden Yards, with an ERA under 3 in his starts there, and according to the Baltimore Sun he has been on the O’s radar for some time.

Meanwhile, Arrietta and Strop leave a team increasingly looking like a World Series contender…for the Cubs. Oy. Both pitchers could benefit from a change in scenery, but for different reasons.

Arrietta never could harness his top-of-the-rotation stuff. Never could, at least for significant stretches. The team’s opening day starter last year, Arrietta had a plus-7 ERA with the big-league club and couldn’t avoid getting shuffled back to Triple-A. Strop, meanwhile, simply wasn’t the same pitcher he was during the 2012 magic — and fans were letting him know all about it.

This is a move that strengthens the Orioles’ rotation for this year, this playoff season and beyond. As far as the Cubs go, well, good luck this year. Next year, too.