moms day

Originally posted May 7, 2010, for’s “What’s On My Plate.” Updated May 7, 2013.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, believe it or not, and I want to salute the three mothers I know best.

Mothers have a raft of qualities that make them special in our lives, and I thought I’d highlight one quality in each of these moms which I believe makes them great at their calling.You may not think of these qualities right away – I know I didn’t – but motherhood has always meant more than the milk and cookies, anyways.

Carole Samples
Mother of two
Mother-in-law of one
Grandmother of four

If there’s one word to describe my mother now, serene is the first that comes to mind.

Through battles with cancer and diabetes and two growing boys, she has developed a grace that simply radiates to those around her. That quality has also helped her stay grounded as her star continues to rise in the quilting world.

Whatever Mom has dealt with, she has always focused on the well-being of her sons and grandchildren to the point where it seems like she’s almost embarrassed to talk about herself. Our regular phone conversations can go for hours (my cell phone bill tells me they have on occasion) and they simply aren’t long enough. They are a wealth of compassion, of day-to-day and spiritual guidance, of insight.

Of serenity.

Becky Conrade
Mother of six
Mother-in-law of one
Grandmother of one

Mothers have to be dedicated. They have to be strong. And Becky Conrade – my other mom – is certainly strong.

Mom effectively has two generations of children: an adult round to guide and a young round to raise. The duties are the same, but the general approaches and tactics in play are usually entirely different.

As you can imagine, she has a full schedule just with parenting and housework. Then there are the school activities like concerts, tennis lessons, PTO and the homework — lots and lots and lots of homework.

It all leads to a very long day every day. Still, she never misses an activity, always has a positive outlook on the future, never misses a chance to give a hug and always, always tells it like it is.

Ginny Samples
Mother of one

Being a mom isn’t just about the hugs, bedtime stories or kissing of “ouchies,” as our six-year-old Isabella used to call her bumps and scrapes. It takes a lot of diligence to make sure a family stays afloat and charts a course for a family’s future success.

Besides the other, more recognizable aspects of momhood, this is where Ginny shines. From meal planning to checkbook organizing to schedule coordinating, she’s always on top of things. I’m amazed by that, especially considering she at one point operated two businesses simultaneously.

Life has already led us in directions we haven’t expected. With everything she has juggled, though, Ginny still has quality time for Bella and maintains an even keel when life gets choppy. She’s able to look at all the potential challenges ahead with a smile and a calm, can-do spirit that makes it easier for us to move forward.

Another reason for amazement.

These women may know how instrumental they are to their families. They definitely know how important motherhood is and take that role very seriously. Honestly, though, I’m not sure these women know just how special they truly are. I didn’t start realizing it with my mom until I was well into my 20s, and now that I get to see it every day I get a deeper appreciation of what motherhood requires and what makes a good mom.

I think I’ve got three darn good examples in my life.

Who wants some cookies?

Happy Mother’s Day.