shocked eh

You know the saying, “you learn something new every day?”

Well, the same can be said for seeing something new. And some things I’ve seen recently stick out a lot more than others.

1. The Boston Anthem

I referenced this a week ago after the Tsarnayev brothers allegedly planted the pressure-cooker bombs and New Englanders responded in a way I’ve never seen at the Bruins-Sabres game. In any other context, not realizing Bostonians gladly display their patriotism under normal circumstances, I would say it’s a shame it takes a bombing to get people to respond in that manner. This isn’t a shame. It’s an example.

2. Victor Martinez (Exit 4A in 0.5 miles)–mlb.html

This is an absolute classic. Framing this discussion (and the video), Martinez was an outstanding catcher in his day. That day has passed, largely because of injuries he suffered behind the plate. Salvador Perez is not only one of the best catchers in the game now, but he’s a biiiiig man. I doubt the running debate over home plate collisions really factored into the Martinez exit, but if you’re out and you know it, and you know a crash with a bigger man could end very badly for your fading career, why not go straight to the dugout?

3. Um, Help Wanted?

Physical Requirements – Must be able to sit, stand, walk, talk, crouch, crawl, stoop, and hear frequently; must be able to frequently use hands to operate, finger, handle, or feel objects, tools, or office machines; must be able to frequently reach with hands and arms;

No, not something out of Craigslist. That’s from the Blue Springs, Mo., municipal job postings. For a crime analyst. And public information officer. Same job, two positions. Insert joke here.

4. Professional Bowling…cheerleaders

Ratings are that bad?