Global warming? Really?

Spring hasn’t sprung yet — at least across the Midwest. It has sprouted, a few times, but then it has also frozen and died a few times already.

So far, the Flint Hills of Kansas have had four severe weather opportunities, which is probably a bit shy of normal now that we have past mid-April. Thankfully, we have missed the widespread severe weather threat. What has a lot of people grumbly, however, is our temperature roller-coaster ride. Warm, mild air one day, cold and blustery the next, stormy two days down the road, wintry mix the next morning.

This has been as messed-up an early spring weatherwise as I can remember.

Don’t believe me? Consider that Chase County, Kan., was in a severe thunderstorm warning and a winter weather advisory simultaneously two weeks ago. And Lyon County, Kan., just next door, is now preparing for storms followed by a rain-snow-thunder mix for the second time. In a week.

Eventually, Mother Nature will catch up to the calendar. Who knows when that will happen, though? It might this weekend. It might not be until late May, meaning two weeks of severe weather hell followed by our mid-July steambath.

Remember the adage, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes?” Maybe that needs adjusting. For this year, anyways, the saying should be, “If you don’t like the weather, drive 50 miles…in any direction.”

Mother Nature, it’s OK. Let winter go. Let it go.