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During my teenage years, I knew I was in big trouble when my dad told me, “You’ve got some explaining to do.”

Simply because I was a teenager and also because my dad and I saw eye to eye on practically nothing, I heard that a lot for about a decade solid. I’m guessing Rutgers administrators are hearing that a lot this week as well.

Honestly, Rutgers has no excuse for how it handled the men’s basketball program and the dismissal of former coach Mike Rice. I mean, you saw the videos. I still haven’t heard a good reason for why that treatment of the Rutgers players was not a fireable offense on the spot.

I have no idea why (former) AD Tim Pernetti felt a suspension was a reasonable punishment. Not in this day and age. Not in this case.

And watching excerpts from President Robert Barchi, I was stunned. Oh, yes, mistakes were made. Failing to watch the videos was just the start. Actually, that was failing to remove Rice in November.

On top of all that, the cherry on the sundae was Pernetti’s exit package. I understand Rutgers didn’t want to let Pernetti go because of his close ties to the university and his success in his role previously, including maneuvering the Scarlet Knights into the Big Ten, but effectively still receiving benefits for another 18 months…simply stunning.

The word cover-up is being used on the Rutgers campus. In fact, one professor leading the charge for Barchi’s dismissal says the Rice affair is a minor-league version of the Sandusky firebomb at Penn State. It may not have dealt with sexual abuse, but the physical and psychological fastballs Rice fired at his players had to be addressed when they came to light internally. Not when they came to light Outside the Lines.

Yep. Rutgers, you’ve got some explaining to do.