Originally posted Aug. 20, 2010 for KVOE.com “What’s On My Plate.”


ImageI freely admit I am a fan of bacon in all forms, even in ice cream.

This is a decision I have agonized on for a long time.

Every day I’ve thought about it. Wondered about it. Even dreamed of the best way to proceed.

I’ve had people close to me say putting off a decision was only hurting me and giving people a negative image of me. I’ve had people clap me on the back.

Oh, yes, my exploits are legendary. I’ve honed my appetite through the decades and have had some of my best performances as I have aged. And I do believe big things are on my plate for the future.

However, it’s been tough recently. My body doesn’t react the way it once did. This has called into question whether I should come back to the table for one more go or whether I should hang it up and try another approach.

I’ve talked to my wife about it regularly the past few years. She says it’s time to back away. I look at her and I look at my daughter, and I know the time is definitely coming soon.

You know what, though? It’s hard to step aside. Darn hard. Trust me. I’ve tried. Several times. Every time, I feel strangely empty. Hungry, if you will.

So after careful consideration, I’m here to tell you that I am indeed doing the best thing for my future. I’m doing this as a favor to everybody.

I’ll start those push-ups and crunches tomorrow.

In the meantime, that bacon on your plate sure looks good.